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Jul 19 Biking the GAP / credit: Jim Cheney

The Great Allegheny Passage helps trail towns thrive

This 150-mile biking and walking route -- which runs between Pittsburgh and Cumberland, Maryland -- has proved to be a tremendous boost to adjacent communities, spurring tourism, development and the growth of small businesses. That means more amenities for GAP users as they explore the great outdoors.

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Jul 18 EcoIslands' 'wetlands in a box'

Q&A: Colin A. Lennox from Altoona's EcoIslands

No industry or economy can exist without clean, plentiful H2O. Since 2010, Altoona's EcoIslands has been building and installing wetlands-in-a-box to remove metals and other pollutants from water, solving a major ecological challenge.

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Jul 13 pope visit

Dear Philadelphians: Stay for the party

Apocalyptic warnings about traffic and security led to a mass exodus before the Pope's visit, Philly's last big event. This time around, the Mayor is urging locals to stay. When the Democratic National Convention descends July 25-28, residents and visitors alike can enjoy a slate of enticing events.

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