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KE-TV: Pennsylvania-Made Coaster Charges Your Smartphone

When we profiled him in 2010, Tommy Joseph did not hold back. He recounted the story of his entrepreneur grandfather whose long-running and impactful business in New Castle faltered only when family strife brought it to pieces. Joseph,  who never met him but is told by older family that he closely resembles him, said at the time he vowed not to allow history repeat itself.
An entrepreneur himself, Joseph's Epiphany Solar Water Systems has received funding from Innovation Works and now its sister company, Epiphany Labs, has launched a Kickstarter that aims to capitalize and disrupt how we charge our mobile devices.
Dubbed the Epiphany onE Puck, Joseph's new product uses your hot or cold beverage to charge your device. More specifically, the Epiphan onE Puck uses a heat engine shaped as a coaster as a charger. 
And Joseph's Kickstarter campaign has nearly reached its goal with a month-and-a-half remaining. Prior to publishing on Thursday at midnight, the campaign had nearly 900 backers and was almost $2,000 short of its $100,000 goal.
The project has received lots of attention, including from the likes of Mashable and Engadget.
Prototypes are selling on Kickstarter for $115. Would you buy one? 


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