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World Green Energy Symposium invites award nominations for PA green leaders

Do you know individuals who have been making a major contribution to the future of a green, energy-efficient world? The 2009 World Green Energy Symposium, scheduled for September 13-15, at the Wachovia Arena, Wilkes-Barre, will recognize leaders in green energy at both global and regional levels--and nominations for these awards are open until April 30.

The symposium plans to create an international focus on technologies, policies, economic and environmental planning, business and investment practices, and scientific research that are leading the world toward sustainable energy practices.

To create that recognition of green energy implementers, the symposium is accepting nominations here  of journalists, influential organizations, nonprofits, innovators in government construction, and companies employing green energy technology with special awards. Individuals whose careers have been distinguished by promotion of green technology in government, industry, and entertainment will also be recognized--a group that will be topped by 2009 World Green Energy Awards of the year for a person and a business of the year.

Additionally, a group of awards will also recognize the importance of regional contributions to the future of world energy consumption for best green building design, application of green technology, leadership and advocacy by an individual and a nonprofit, and the best green business of the year. Nominations and more information can be obtained from Elizabeth Zygmunt of Times-Shamrock Publications, a sponsor of the event.

"The awards committee wants to make sure that those who are advancing education, promotion and implementation of green energy policies statewide have an opportunity to be recognized," Symposium organizer Daisy Gallagher of Gallagher & Gallagher Worldwide Inc, says.

Source: World Green Energy Symposium, Daisy Gallagher
Writer: Joseph Plummer
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