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Body farm, to study human decomposition, set for Southwestern PA farm

The Atlantic reports on a planned body farm at California University of Pennsylvania. This will be the fifth American property set aside for researchers to study decomposition of human remains, and the first in the Northeast.
Sometime soon, dead bodies will be scattered around John O'Laughlin's land. Wanting to give students and researchers at California University of Pennsylvania's Institute of Criminological and Forensic Sciences a place to analyze human remains, O'Laughlin recently donated a sizable chunk of his 222-acre piece of property in southwestern Pennsylvania to be used as a "body farm." His won't be the first.

The term "body farm" comes from Patricia Cornwall's 1995 crime fiction novel to describe an anthropological research facility (ARF) dedicated to the study of the decomposition of bodies. These facilities continue to provide a unique opportunity for controlled research and the development of new technologies in forensic anthropology and its related disciplines.
Original source: The Atlantic
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