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How did a Central PA squirrel turn purple? Speculation abounds but no one knows

AccuWeather explores some conjecture about why a squirrel found in Central PA had purple fur. Since being trapped by a couple in Jersey Shore in early February, the creature has gained an international fan base and accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

John Griffin, Director of Humane Wildlife Services for the Humane Society, said "It might be possible that there was some introduction of a product into the nesting material that imparted this color to the fur, or accidental immersion/contact with a dying or coloring compound during (its) lifetime." He also said "The color (of the squirrel) does not appear to be even which would make me think that it is likely to be the natural color of the fur."

Krish Pillai, a professor at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, commented that "This is not good at all. That color looks very much like Tyrian purple. It is a natural organobromide compound seen in molluscs and rarely found in land animals. The squirrel (possibly) has too much bromide in its system."

Original source: AccuWeather
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