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Social clipper: Philly's SnipSnap 2.0 app gets a rebuild

TechCrunch reports on the big update for SnipSnap's coupon clipping app, which has been rebuilt from the groun up.

But first, the biggest change. SnipSnap 2.0 takes what social elements were present in the original and expands on them greatly — unlike before, new users are asked to create accounts and can link them with Facebook or Twitter to connect with other coupon-conscious friends. From there, those users can also select their interests from a list so SnipSnap can provide them with some starter coupons — apparently, new users of SnipSnap wouldn’t know what do once they installed the app, and the starter coupons were intended to help them a get a feel for using it. Smart.

Original source: TechCrunch
Read the full story here.
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