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Keystone Nano Inc. to add 3-6 PhD-level jobs

Keystone Nano Inc., a biotech company located near State College, will add three to six doctorate-level jobs as it prepares to commercialize a new nano-particle technology used in enhanced cancer therapies. The company’s expansion could double or triple the number of employees at Keystone Nano, according to CEO Jeff Davidson.

“This is a considerable expansion for us because we’re a tiny company,” says Davidson. “But we think we’ll continue to grow.”

Davidson and partners James Adair, Mark Kester and Robert Cornwall founded the company in 2005 and hired the first employee in 2006. The company has licensed two Penn State patents and has recently developed a drug delivery platform based on their technology. In September, Ben Franklin Technology Partners announced a $200,000 grant to Keystone Nano to help commercialize the company’s nano-particle technology, called NanoJackets.

“There is simply no comparable platform of nano-delivery technology on the market today,” says Davidson.

Source: Jeff Davidson, CEO Keystone Nano, Inc.
Writer: John Davidson

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