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Somerset County windmills turn PA toward green energy


Fueled by the commonwealth’s investment of some $500,000 in the rehabilitation of a former coal mining site in Somerset County, the Casselman Wind Power Project’s 23 wind turbines, developed by Iberdrola Renewables, represent a front-runner in Pennsylvania’s commitment to reclaim the Commonwealth’s position as a national leader in power production technology.

Expected to meet the energy needs of more than 10,000 homes for customers of First Energy Solutions, Pennsylvania’s investment in the Casselman Project is likely to be seen as one of many future high- and low-profile investments that a growing demand for renewable energy will bring to Pennsylvania.

Spurred by the commonwealth’s Alternative Energy Investment Act and the Alternative Fuels Incentive Act, both signed by Governor Rendell in July, the $665.9 million state investment in alternative energy sources is expected to attract up to $3.5 billion in private investment in alternative energy in Pennsylvania and 10,000 jobs.  

Pennsylvania is one of 28 states that have established alternative energy programs. While these efforts create many new opportunities for renewable energy projects, the state-by-state-approach leaves many gaps in the nation’s requirements for new sources of clean power and draws attention to the need for a nationwide approach that meets the overall future requirements of the U.S. economy.
Source: Pennsylvania Office of the Governor
Writer: Joseph Plummer

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