Healthcare cost-management leader places national service center in Pittsburgh


Expanding on its acquisition last year of Pittsburgh-based software firm Socrates, Inc., SCIOinspire, a leading health-cost management service, has tripled the size of its South Hills facility to locate its national call center headquarters and service delivery hub there. In the 8,000-square-foot expansion, the firm is making room for up to 75 new employees, whom it expects to bring on board within the next 18 months–raising total employment at the site to about 100 people.

“We chose to expand in Pittsburgh because of the city’s reputation for providing a fertile environment for new business development, particularly in health-care related areas,” says Brendon Tucker, Chief Operating Officer for SCIOinspire Corp.’s U.S. operations.

The state-of-the-art facility will be the site of SCIOinspire’s care management services and programs to handle overpayments of claims, part of the package of services the company provides to health insurance companies along with claims analysis, coordination of benefits (COB), claims substitution services, assessments of health risks, and the modeling of future claims. The company also provides extensive data analysis along with educational materials related to disease and care management programs.

The company’s decision to expand in Pittsburgh assures continued operation from the region of Socrates, Inc., a firm that has become a case study for its successful combination of outsourcing services and software programs to manage claims recovery on behalf of payers of health care costs. Its My Socrates software has helped clients to exceed industry norms for recovery in combination with case management.

Source: SCIOinspire, Dodge Communications, Elizabeth Glaser
Writer : Joseph Plummer

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