Spectacle: Geek Art/Green Innovators Festival


Penn Avenue comes alive most First Fridays for its Unblurred Art Crawl. On April 2, the corridor morphed into a showcase of green technology and inspired art thanks to the inaugural Geek Art/Green Innovators Festival (GA/GI Fest for short).

The event, Pittsburgh’s first festival to combine art, technology and ecology, was divided into clusters that included 37 venues and 75 artists who aimed to reinforce the connection between art and science.At least eight colleges and universities participated

The day began with a program for children, who were invited to make a robotic playdate and listen to eco-stories. Carnegie Mellon University’s electric ChargeCar, Deeeplocal’s latest smartphone game and vintage, recycled and nature-inspired fashion all made an appearance on this grand stage.

The event was organized by Passports: The Art Diversity Project/Artica Gallery, an organization that aims to enrich the community through the arts by supporting diversity in the arts and artists of diverse abilities in Southwestern PA. engaging partners to create awareness and job opportunities, and educate youth through ongoing arts collaborations and cultural projects.

Region: Southwest

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