PA Wilds: A Traditional Manufacturer Grows by Getting Outdoors


TomBob's lures

Brad Clinton and Tim and Ivan Smith from CMT and TomBob Outdoors at the ICast fishing trade show in Las Vegas.

CMT Plant Manager Ivan Smith with one of the Steel Heads he landed while fishing with the TomBob Lure

Friends in Wild Places teams up with the Tom Siple Foundation at least once each season to help provide an outdoor experience for disabled or terminally ill men and women.

This story is presented in partnership with the Pennsylvania Wilds, a two million acre landscape composed of 12 distinct and beautiful counties, each with its own unique heritage, character, charm and outdoor adventure.

Outdoor recreation is a $650 billon dollar industry in the U.S., and growing it in Pennsylvania isn’t just about attracting visitors; it’s also about making more of the stuff that people need and want to get outdoors. 

Region: North Central

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