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From the Editor: A changing of the guard at Keystone Edge


Fortunately, I have some experience filling Joe Petrucci’s very large shoes. I took the reins at Keystone Edge’s sister publication Flying Kite in November 2012, and now, a little over a year later, I’m taking over as managing editor here.

I am incredibly excited to dive into state-wide coverage. I’m a Pennsylvania native (admission: I was born in New Jersey due to my pregnant mother's poorly-planned trip to the Shore), and have seen many parts of our surprisingly large state. As a child, we went to the Poconos. I attended field hockey camp in the Lehigh Valley. I’ve reported stories in Lancaster and State College. And, during a cross-country bike trip in 2005, I endured the relentless, beautiful hills of northern PA. And I can’t wait to see more — even if it’s just through assigning and editing stories about our standout small towns, top-flight universities or pastoral havens.

Joe, along with Publisher Greg O’Loughlin, has worked incredibly hard to build this publication from the ground up, growing readership every year and crafting a dynamic vision of the state — a place with as many stories as it has football fans. (I’m an Eagles gal, myself.) I look forward to continuing that work and connecting with readers: tell me about your town, your neighborhood, your high school’s most impressive alum, or the amazing small business you passed on your way to work. Tell me about the next big startup or invention to come out of Pennsylvania. I’ll be listening.

LEE STABERT is managing editor of Keystone Edge and Flying Kite; follow her on Twitter @stabert or email her at [email protected]