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Pennsylvania at Risk shines a light on endangered properties


Preservation Pennsylvania recently released their “2013 Pennsylvania at Risk” list, a compilation of historic properties across the state in danger of demolition or destruction. Included in this cache of fascinating historic gems are Coraopolis Station in Allegheny County, Altman's Mill in Indiana County, Irem Temple in Luzerne County, the mid-century Public Federal Savings Bank in Montgomery County and The Legendary Blue Horizon on North Broad Street in Philadelphia.

“In 2013, we did a 20-year analysis of our Pennsylvania At Risk program and found that of the 200+ historic properties listed, only 18 percent have been lost,” says Director Mindy G. Crawford in her introduction to the list. “32 percent have been saved and 50 percent remain at risk. It sometimes takes a long time to achieve a save, so it is not discouraging to us that we’re still working on half of the list. More importantly, of the 32 percent that have been saved, many of them have moved from “at risk” to being an award recipient! That is the ultimate save, and one that makes us very proud.”

Click here for a look at the full list, and the list of saved properties from across PA.

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