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New Pittsburgh service lets job seekers control their background checks


Mistaken identity, a long-forgotten post on social media, inaccurate information — all can be a death knell for job seekers.
Now JD Palatine, a Pittsburgh company, has launched a new subsidiary, Job Seeker Insight, that allows applicants for senior-level positions to control the information that recruiters and prospective employers see.
Chad Killian founded Palatine in 2009 as a full-service consumer reporting agency, performing background checks and drug testing for employers. Increasingly, applicants were approaching the company, asking how they could view and confirm information in their screening profiles.
Job Seeker Insight addresses that concern — and opens up a whole new direct-to-consumer market for Palatine. Executive-level job seekers, which Killian defines as six-figure, senior-management-type workers, establish their own screening profiles, securely upload documents and control who has access to their confidential information. Job Seeker Insight verifies the information throughout the process.
“You don’t have a record. Your social media profiles are clean. But if someone shares your name, birth date or location, you risk being mistaken for someone you're not,” says Killian. “Companies perform exhaustive online searches before hiring. With our technology, you can see exactly what they will.”
Killian is especially excited about the “digital identification badge” feature, a QR code that candidates can use on their resumes, business cards, email correspondence, etc. When a hiring manager or HR professional clicks or scans the code, they're taken to the applicant's personal page.
According to Killian, Job Seeker Insight also reflects well on job seekers — they are taking initiative and saving recruiters and hiring managers considerable time and money in the process.
Palatine currently employs seven people and is looking to hire an additional two or three for customer service, support and applicant processing as Job Seeker Insight grows.
Source: Chad Killian, JD Palatine/Job Seeker Insight
Writer: Elise Vider

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