BFTP/NEP invests in innovative roofing and digital companies


Protecting property — both physical and digital — is the work of two early-stage companies, the latest to receive investments from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Colymer Industries, located at Ben Franklin TechVentures in Bethlehem, was approved for a $50,000 loan. The funds will enable them to implement a marketing and sales strategy to commercialize a new, proprietary, non-asphalt roofing and waterproofing material called Tarzanite. An improved coal tar formulation, Tarzanite is non water-soluble and environmentally beneficial. The material is expected to outlast traditional asphalt-based materials by a factor of four.

Allentown's SeKur Technology, Inc. was awarded a $10,000 loan. They plan to complete a sales and marketing strategy, launching a proprietary licensing, encryption and storage solution to secure all types of digital media, including PDF documents, e-books and audio/video files. The owner of the media can encrypt, track and control the distribution of any file — on- or off-line — preventing unauthorized transfer or download.

Since beginning operation, BFTP/NEP has helped create 16,214 new jobs for Pennsylvania workers and retain 22,155 existing jobs, to start 458 new companies, and to develop 1,279 new products and processes. 

Source: BFTP/NEP
Writer: Elise Vider

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