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New Malvern marker space aims to develop novel products using plasma and 3D printing technologies


Malvern's AmpTech Makerspace is preparing to open its doors. The plan is to focus on high-tech product development using plasma and 3D printing technologies.

“Collaborative work environments like the AmpTech Makerspace are proving to be highly productive environments for doing business in the high-tech world,” says Michael Antonucci, managing partner of the 3D Printing Alliance, a sponsor. “AmpTech adds a twist — this one involves the use of plasma and 3D printing technologies used together.”

AmpTech’s primary sponsor is Advanced Plasma Solutions (APS), which specializes in non-thermal plasma technology to create products and solutions for a variety of applications. When paired with 3D printing, the two advanced manufacturing technologies have potential in a wide array of applications, including health care and medicine, energy and power, and environmental controls, says AmpTech’s organizers.

The 20,000-square-foot space at APS' headquarters houses offices, collaborative workspace, laboratories and a machine shop. AmpTech offers education, training and a wide range of support for R&D, prototyping, testing, business operations and ultimately, product commercialization. Equipment includes plasma power supplies, plasmatrons, 3D printers and plasma cutters.

Antonucci says that AmpTech is unique as “the only non academic environment where you can get access to plasma expertise, plasma devices, labs, equipment and a variety of projects ready for being commercialized.

“Amptech has hundreds of industry-focused solutions and product ideas that are well researched and represent truly game-changing new product ideas,” he adds. “Most maker spaces or incubators allow you to experiment with your own ideas but AmpTech brings years of research, some patents and expertise, that together with your industry domain knowledge represent amazing possibilities.”

AmpTech will also offer programming and workshops for schools and businesses, and will service as a “great place for…internal engineers, high-tech internships and vo-tech classes as well,” explains Antonucci. 

Antonucci anticipates that AmpTech could run about 50 projects simultaneously; they are actively seeking investors and sponsors.

Source: Michael Antonucci, 3D Printing Alliance
Writer: Elise Vider

Region: Southeast

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