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May 27

Q and A: Andy Rumbold, Wash Tyme

This Bucks County startup maker of all-natural soaps has a degreaser that could help clean wildlife affected by the massive Gulf Coast oil spill, and the best part is it's a natural byproduct of used vegetable oil.

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May 20

When Scientists Become Entrepreneurs

The No. 2-ranked life sciences hub in the nation, Greater Philadelphia has overcome big pharma's job losses thanks to a growing number of entrepreneurial scientists either forced or compelled to venture out on their own.

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Apr 29

Q and A: Dan Schimmel, Breadboard

Art and technology are increasingly becoming intertwined as new media creates new possibilities, and this longtime painter is helping showcase the most exciting what-ifs at the University City Science Center.

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Apr 8

The 21st Century Lumberjacks

Talk about seeing the forest for the trees. Wayne's Finite Carbon is working on a national scale in the emerging carbon credits market, while aiming to keep investments and job creation local.

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