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Nov 12

Philly's Prohibitive Favorite

Village Whiskey, the latest offering from Philadelphia's hottest restaurateur Jose Garces, is indicative of the burgeoning downtown restaurant scene and the expanding foodie culture's love of nostalgia.

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Oct 29 Placeholder image

Technology Pushes 'Young-Raising' on Non-Profits

The Academy of Natural Science recently appointed 34 year-old Amy Miller Marvin as its VP of Institutional Advancement, signaling a new, younger and more tech-saavy direction for the old museum, the city, and fundraising profession.

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Oct 15 Placeholder image

Spectacle: So Re Fa Fashion Show

The best part about eco-fashion is it's more affordable than other green products and it can look as good as it feels. Philadelphia's So Re Fa fashion show, presented by Arcadia Boutique, strutted out the latest in green fashions.

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Oct 8

Q and A: Karina Bradley, Dealer Synergy

Model, singer, and entrepreneur--Karina Bradley wears all three tags loud and proud. With a penchant for digital marketing, this Philadelphia go-getter is building her company, Dealer Synergy, and her own personal brand into blockbuster hits.

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