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Oct 7

Open House: The Future is Now at Intel

A 'smart' house that responds to commands issued from your cell phone. A robot that knows you still have water left in the bottle you're about to discard. This isn't the future--this is Open House time at Intel, where imagination meets ingenuity.

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Sep 23

Pittsburgh's Gateway to the Arts Goes High Tech

The intertwining of arts and technology is getting a boost in Pittsburgh, where the long-running Gateway to the Arts program has partnered with the Technology Council to bring high-tech artists in front of young people throughout the region.

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Jul 29

Faces of Energy: Atta Gueye, Plextronics

She's an adrenaline junkie who is part of a team that's "changing the world." If she and her company continue to establish efficiency excellence, more accessible solar technology will soon be a reality.

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