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Erie intellectual-property powerhouse targets “sweet spot” in electronic circuits


X2Y Attenuators has been awarded the fifth in a series of U.S. patents this year to protect the company’s exclusive capacitor designs for shielding, circuit conditioning, power filtering and suppressing electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electronic circuits.

“X2Y represents the next big advancement in capacitor technology,” says David Anthony, manager of business development and marketing operations in Erie, PA.

The company’s designs, he adds, are evolving from technology, invented by his father Anthony A. Anthony, a founder of X2Y Attenuators, LLC and past employee of Erie Technological Products, an early manufacturer of capacitors in Erie PA. Capacitors are  one of three devices used in nearly all electronic circuits (capacitors, resistors, inductors).  In more recent times, capacitors have evolved from the disk-shaped devices with wire-legs for hole-through attachment to printed circuit boards to brick-like components with terminations integrated in the device for low cost surface mounting and soldering to printed circuit boards. Today X2Y-patented features go a step farther — transforming ordinary capacitors by integrating several circuit functions into one functional device. It typically replaces 5 ordinary capacitors and operates at the high frequencies demanded by modern integrated circuits.

X2Y licenses designs to such giants as Samsung/Korea and Yageo/Taiwan, as well as specialty electronics manufacturers Syfer/UK, and US based Johanson Dielectrics, Advanced Monolithic Components (AMC), and Maida Development. X2Y capacitors serve two main uses, power delivery for Integrated Circuits (IC’s) and reducing Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) to help products meet FCC compliance. X2Y capacitors are used in all segments of electronics and can be found in automotive DC motors for ABS Brake Systems, and military (drone aircraft ) and commercial aviation equipment, medical devices, microprocessor controls, sensors, high quality and high volume consumer audio products like noise canceling headphones and other electronic products using IC’s.

Anthony compares a capacitor to a water tower that maintains water pressure in a system by releasing its stored supply as needed for local consumption.  X2Y capacitors can more quickly and efficiently deliver needed supply to a system. X2Y capacitors provide local power delivery , add a layer of local circuit protection against surges, and suppress electromagnetic interference.  This last feature is especially important in the automotive market, where a vehicle may contain as many as 60 D.C. motors to drive subsystems, adding up to more than a billion D.C. motors produced each year.

With its new patented designs, the company moves closer to an overarching goal, which is to transform X2Y capacitors into globally recognized name brand of multi-functional, products, ubiquitous to all electronic circuits.

Source: X2Y Attenuators, David Anthony
Writer: Joseph Plummer

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