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Day in the Life: Reviving Altoona on two wheels

Steve McKnight is part of a new generation of young professionals bringing fresh energy to the world of economic and community development. In this first installment of a new series, we follow him as he bikes around Blair County, forging connections and spreading the word about the region he loves.

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Gathering Up and looking ahead

Last month, Keystone Edge traveled to the Susquehanna Valley, sparking conversation about talent attraction, engaging young professionals in regional economic development, and why the area is such a great place to live and work. Here's a bit about who attended and what they had to say.

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Getting social

Keystone Edge
Keystone Edge1 day ago

A video from our day with Steve McKnight. In the series, Voices from the First Frontier, McKnight and his team showcase interesting businesses and personalities in the Altoona-Blair County.

Check out our last post for more on McKnight and contemporary economic development.

Keystone Edge
Mark Ritchey - Voices from the First Frontier
Join us for our third installment of 2018's Voices from the First Frontier as talk with Mark Ritchey of Curry Rail Services and avid cyclist.
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