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E-marketing learning center yields affordable expertise


In a digital economy, entrepreneurs know that web analytics through platforms like LeadLander, e-commerce strategies, and social media savvy are essential investments. The problem is that the price tag for many e-marketing training programs is beyond their reach.

Firms like Signal Tech of Erie have turned to a new state resource, the E-Marketing Learning Center, to gain expertise.

“We wanted to learn about the do’s and don’ts of effective e-mail campaigns,” explains Jessica Erickson of the company, which manufactures LED signs. “With our in-house IT team, we worked on improvements to our e-mail marketing campaign. Based on what we learned, we’ve improved the open rate on our e-mails from 21 percent to 28 percent. And a few of our folks have attended [the center’s] seminars on social media.”

The e-Marketing Learning Center, an outgrowth of eBizITPA, is helping small business access this information online and in person, with webinars, online tutorials and live classes throughout the state. In the past year, the center says that 1,100 students have logged on or attended 64 online, live, and offline programs. This week, the center debuts a more comprehensive website. The site offers new free email marketing tools (to know more, click on, including an e-mail ROI calculator, search term suggestion tools, e-marketing tutorials for social media and search engine marketing, links to associations, blogs, and tools for authentication.

Director Cathy Von Birgelen says the center develops its curricula with the small user in mind.

“Our programs are in $150-$299 range, much less than $10,000 industry standard,” she says. “They’re affordable and accessible.”

Von Birgelen says the center’s courses on e-mail marketing tools are most popular. It also creates programs with special features for non-profits, social service agencies, and arts organizations.

The Center’s fall course line-up includes a full-day workshop on Google analytics and marketing plans for social media. Courses are held at colleges and other venues statewide.

Source: Cathy Von Birgelen
Writer: Chris O’Toole

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