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May 6

Q and A: Jiddu Tapia, Gamesa

The wind energy giant's latest addition is charged with developing its operations in Pennsylvania and beyond, including the deployment of its new G-90 turbines.

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Apr 15

Q and A: Dr. Mark Lovell, ImPACT

He has spent his career finding better ways to measure concussions, even talking well-paid athletes out of pushing their luck with a brain injury. But this doctor is more concerned with how concussions impact PA's youngest athletes.

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Apr 8 Placeholder image

Spectacle: Geek Art/Green Innovators Festival

Techies meeting Greenies meeting the Artsy. The region's first indy art and technology festival came to Pittsburgh last week, turning the Penn Avenue Arts District into a visually compelling sector of green innovation.

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Mar 24

Hungry? Click Here

Call it Foodie 2.0. Online food service is a growing industry in PA, and the goal is to deliver fresh, local food fast to homes and businesses alike across the Commonwealth.

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Mar 4

Western PA's New Family Tradition

Father-and-son IT specialists Stan and Matt Hoffman represent next-generation work ethic on and off the job. Both are working to promote technology education and careers.

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Feb 25

Waiting on the rail in Scranton

While other projects in PA have received stimulus dollars and the promise of jobs, the Electric City hopes for a reconnection with NYC and cutting-edge Maglev demonstrates its speed in Western PA.

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